We have recently acquired some sections of UltraRope for the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of our “rapid response collecting” strategy. As the name suggests, this is about bringing objects quickly into the museum in response to current events. We have recently opened a display featuring the first 13 such objects, including a 3D printed handgun, shoes designed in different shades of “nude” and a pair of false eyelashes endorsed by Katy Perry. Each object is implicated in a larger narrative, and points toward a possible future; the UltraRope sits alongside them as a signal toward the vertical future of our cities.

The new lift technology that will let cities soar far higher | Cities | theguardian.com

"This project is based on a 3D-scan technique, which allows me to reproduce an image of my own body as a 3D object in a software. It is possible to view this object not just from outside, but also from the inside as a negative as well, which creates abstract shapes."

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As one agency employee put it, most of the problems come down to maniacal, Type A personalities, “moody creative types” and “bipolar strategists” that are hell-bent on “masochistic perfectionism” and make sure everyone around them is as well. “We all need therapy,” she said.

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